Cesmat Service Company, Inc. is a distributor of quality remanufactured milled tooth rock bits, along with reconditioned and rerun insert rock bits. We also custom assemble fixed cutter hole openers for a variety of drilling needs whether it is for petroleum, water, geothermal, under crossing or mining industries. We deal with bits ranging in sizes from 2 7/8″ to 26″ and assemble fixed cutter hole openers from 7 7/8″ to 40″.

All retipped bits are not the same. Some companies lack the ability to do the work in-house, therefore they must “farm-out” the work, relying on someone else’s judgment. Some companies retip bits that are of poor quality. These bits end up being used in oil field applications where less than desirable results occur. These practices only tend to enhance the myth that all retipped bits are junk. We can assure that this is not the case with our products.

Over the years, we have achieved a superior quality retipped rock bit due to the following factors. The first factor is we only use top grade rock bits. Expertly inspected for integrity. Also assessed for cutting structure & cone wear within the limits suitable for refurbishment.

The second factor is our hard metal. This is an important factor in a quality finished product. Our hard metal blend of three different products that combine to make a superior wear resistant tooth. We have worked with metallurgists to develop this metal because off-the-shelf hard facing products did not fill the requirements to combat the severe conditions encountered by a rock bit. We blend and make our own hard facing rod in-house. By doing this, we can carefully control the tungsten content of the rod according to the bit’s cutting structure and the bit’s application.

When our company was formed, we established some goals that we felt were necessary to rid our end of the bit industry of all the bad aspects associated with it. We knew we had to separate ourselves from the competition with superior performance and service, which we did. To do this, we applied the following:

Expertise Approach – The ability to inspect the raw product to assure Performance.
Innovative Technique – Superior hard metal blends and application Procedures.
Accuracy – Being sure all our products conform to proper tolerances.

Both major and independent oil companies have reaped the benefits of our bits.